Renae + Stephen

Stillwater: a small picturesque and charming town nestled along the St. Croix river, only a leap across the bridge to Wisconsin.

And definitely one of my favorite spots. It's nostalgic for past birthdays, adventures with friends, and the way fall takes over the little town in all of its glorious and crisp color. Apparently a ton of other people love Stillwater too, so I find myself shooting there at least a couple times a year, and that's totally cool with me.

This particular day was for Renae and Stephen. In the morning it was definitely a joy connecting with Renae and her bridesmaids. It's sweet to find brides who jive with all of who you are and your passion, and vice versa. We connected on the little things, and seemed to relate on a deeper level as well. I'm grateful for the lovely conversations that day.

Renae and Stephen had their ceremony at Pioneer Park, which overlooks the city and the St. Croix River. This is a public park, so there were also bystanders watching their intimate wedding. I thought this idea of potential bystanders watching their wedding was actually sweet. I know some people are turned off by this idea, and I can definitely understand why. On the other hand, I love the idea of an unashamed and open wedding, inviting others to witness your love. We could all use the encouragement of witnessing an exchange of truth in vows and love to the end. 

Afterward, we walked back downtown and let the celebration begin at Loft J. The exposed brick had the same Stillwater charm, with a little bit of vintage class to go along with it. Absolutely fitting for these two.