Britt + Joey / An intimate wedding.

This day was really good. Britt and Joey had an intimate ceremony under the Stone Arch Bridge, surrounded by a select 25. During this time the pastor revealed the personal details of their journeys, and how they came together through the mire of life's circumstances.

I was in awe at their vulnerability and transparency, and moved to tears at the way their story unfolded. From falling in love, to a prison sentence, to waiting and visiting, to holding on to hope, growing together within the trials, and finally to tying the knot. I was reminded that we never really know how the story will go... but often the unexpected circumstances of life bring about something better than we could have imaged. The pain was worth all the joy that finally arrived. 

After sharing their story both families surrounded the couple in the power of prayer. The grandparents each offered words, followed by the parents and whoever else felt moved. To me this was a sweet picture of how couples in marriage thrive off the support and prayers of their community. Marriage can be challenging, and letting other people into the relationship, inviting in their wisdom, truth, and love, can make all the difference. Thank you so much for allowing me to witness this radical and unconditional love that the world really needs more of.

John + Michelle

The joy that these two share together is sweet.

I got to know John and Michelle last year while shooting their engagement session. I remember walking away from it with a big smile on my own face and confidence in getting meaningful photos. When two people have that much joy together it really makes my job extra fun and even easy! 

Their wedding was no different. The joy was actually increased because they got to share it with all their closest family and friends! I totally cried happy tears during the ceremony. It just happens. 

Thanks for letting me capture your wedding day, and for having a beautiful fall wedding. Fall is the best.


Isaiah + Miriam

These two are brave. With the wind chill that day it felt like -6° F. Despite the piercing and bitter cold, Isaiah and Miriam were so peaceful, and this thread of peace wove throughout the whole day. Something else that I noticed about Isaiah and Miriam was their pure and mature love for each other. When I say pure I mean that it was just so evident that their love was very deep, deeper than a lot of relationships seem these days, and, they are still young. I know you guys will go far and do great things.