Matt + Carly

Matt contacted me over a year ago about proposal pictures. Instantly I was impressed by this guy’s thorough planning for it and his clear determination for Carly.

Together we kept this event totally unknown to Carly, and now here we are with these two married with me having the privilege again of witnessing such an intimate and beautiful day.

I love a good guy who can cry and let his feelings show, especially for his lover. Matt was totally this and more. He was so thoughtful and intentional reading his love letter for Carly. She only returned this love and adoration for Matt, making me so happy and hopeful as I saw genuine love being stirred and grown between two beautiful souls.

Photography aside, that is what I love about my job, the deeply significant moments I get to witness between two lovers who are only starting their journey of life together. I know there are always ups and downs to marriage and life, but there is a special joy that I feel being alongside two people joining their lives together on the very first day.

Cheers to you two and your genuine love.