San Fransisco

My first trip to San Fransisco was a winner simply because of this evening with Kirsti and Joshua.

As we drove to the coast the car was full of tension and tiredness. We made it through the traffic, the noise, the hustle, and found our way to a staircase that lead us to the shore. We stepped onto the sand and one step at a time the tension and the tiredness left us while we were greeted with the warm joy of the sun and the calming voice of the sea.

Wave after wave we smiled more, laughed, and stood in awe of the sunset that changed picture minute by minute around us.

Nature’s display of glory fed our spirits and left us with a good taste in our mouth.

Nick + Keely Proposal

When I got asked by Nick if I would photograph his proposal to Keely, I said yes without yet realizing what an honor it would be to stand in the same room with these two during that moment. She had no idea the proposal was coming at this day or time, which was of course ideal and very exciting! I arrived about 45 minutes early, and within 15 minutes of being there I already was tearing up. "What the heck..." I thought to myself, "get it together! You're not even the one getting proposed to!" Then it came down to secretly hiding in the corner of the room, with minutes to spare before Nick and Keely walked in. I heard their voices coming down the hallway. Oh my gosh! It's happening! NOW! Then, I started actually crying with overwhelming joy and excitement for this moment. It didn't really stop until she said, "YES!" and everyone in the room had already cried as well. Now I understand that all of those tears were just an overwhelming release of joy, honor, and privilege of being the one they asked to join them in the room for that moment. My friends got engaged! I got to be there, in the moment. It was so beautiful. Great job, Nick! Good choice, Keely! You two are going to have a beautiful adventure together. Thank you SO much for letting me journey with you two on that day.