San Fransisco

My first trip to San Fransisco was a winner simply because of this evening with Kirsti and Joshua.

As we drove to the coast the car was full of tension and tiredness. We made it through the traffic, the noise, the hustle, and found our way to a staircase that lead us to the shore. We stepped onto the sand and one step at a time the tension and the tiredness left us while we were greeted with the warm joy of the sun and the calming voice of the sea.

Wave after wave we smiled more, laughed, and stood in awe of the sunset that changed picture minute by minute around us.

Nature’s display of glory fed our spirits and left us with a good taste in our mouth.

Andrew + Madison

Colorado is a beautiful place in general. To have your wedding there in late September when all the aspens are yellow is taking it to another level completely. Andrew and Madison, thank you for the beautiful opportunity to shoot your wedding in Colorado. Also, cheers for being ridiculously kind, caring, and considerate of others on YOUR wedding day. What a pair!