Thank you for checking out my website and work.

I'm a photographer and writer driven by the raw, unfiltered, and real moments that make up our days. 

As we work together I will document these moments candidly while also striving to create beautiful images.

On the side I love shooting the streets, nature, and anywhere I get to travel to. When I am not taking photographs you can find me walking around my neighborhood, laying in the grass reading a good book, hiking through the forest, or pretty much anything outdoors. My life wouldn't be the same without those who I love surrounding me, so I'll most likely be enjoying their presence whenever possible. 

If you are interested in collaborating together I would love to hear from you and share stories. Let's get together and collaborate!

* For 2019-20 wedding inquiries please contact me at: http://www.rivetsandroses.com/nicole/ for details & prices. Thank you.